Best slots to put ram in

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For instance, it should have 1GB of RAM in one slot, then each successive slot should have been filled with the exact same 1GB RAM module, which would have given me options of 1GB (single 1GB of RAM in first slot only), 2GB (two 1GB modules in two slots, or 4GB (four 1GB modules in each slot).

Well whether this is 2005 or 2012 the RAM need has been essential for a computer to work.But, I am pretty sure that the original poster of this thread was just wondering about RAM in acomputers need ram to boot !!!! i have a dell laptop here that only has one slot for me to put ram in ,and it i take... Do I need to fill both RAM slots | Velocity Reviews I know that I should use matching pairs, to make sure I have the right type of RAM, and to put chips in slot order, but I can't remember if filling both slots isOne can never be too rich, too good looking, or have too much RAM. They used to say that one cannot be too thin, but Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen... second ram slot - Memory slot is placed on the side down in the middle. Remove it and see how many RAM slots is there.With all the seperatelly put into the lower slot laptop works very well. If I put in 2x1gb I get 4 beeps and no boot, if I put 1 gb + 512 mb, I get a black screen with no beeps. Put Ram In Same Color Slots raddoppio roulette online Put Ram In Same Color Slots grand roulette flash inconvenient content query web part slots

Best Answer: Should be perfectly OK. Just remember that you ENTIRE RAM will run at the speed of the slowest module. eg. If it's only got PC2100 in the other two slots - then that's all you'll get. Older motherboards can't always handle 2Gb, so don't be tempted to whack in a load of 512Mb modules - spend the extra cash on a new mainboard.

"more ram is good...10/10 best ram NA...At a lower latency than most RAM kits, and a decent clock speed with overclocking capacity, I think this RAM is a steal...If you have a two RAM dock system, with primarily PNY components, then I would recommend this, otherwise, on most 4 RAM dock systems, I would recommend going for 4 4GB RAM sticks" Best RAM 2019: the best memory for your PC | TechRadar Best High-end RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB. If you want the best of the best, and you don’t care about pricing, Corsair’s Dominator Platinum memory has always been at the top of the list. What Does the RAM Slot Color Coding on Motherboards Mean?

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Learn how to upgrade the RAM on your HP Desktop PC. ... by the computer, the maximum amount of memory the computer can use, and the memory slot configuration. ... Learn how to correctly upgrade, purchase, and install memory on your PC. ... For best performance, get the fastest memory that the motherboard supports. How to Upgrade the RAM (Memory) on a Laptop - Laptop Mag Mar 26, 2017 ... While not all modern laptops give you access to the RAM, many do ... Next, insert the new modules into your open slots at a 45-degree ... Use even pressure with your fingers at the top of the modules to push them into place.

Yellow and orange, blue and black, green and red: you’ll find the RAM slots on motherboards in all sorts of color pairs. But what exactly do those pairs mean and how does it affect you when system building or upgrading your current rig?

Now it’s time to put in the new RAM kit. Make sure the memory module is correctly oriented: The notch in the bottom edge of the RAM must match up with the rise in the memory slot. What Does the RAM Slot Color Coding on Motherboards Mean? SuperUser reader Totymedli is curious about the color coding of RAM slots: I have always seen that the motherboard RAM slots are colored in pairs, but never knew what it meant. I just put the 2 RAM in, and after a few tries it always worked. But after I tried to install a third one it always throws me a blue screen of death. Which DIMM slots to install my RAM into? - Super User Except the RAM that I have is dual rank with a frequency of 2400Mhz which seems to mean I am stuck installing into slots A2 and B2 with no possibility of adding more RAM of this rank/frequency. Your motherboard clearly supports 4 dual rank DDR4 modules. It just won’t support 2400 MHz frequency modules if you fill both channels. Which Slot to Put RAM In | NotebookReview It is better to put the higher capacity card in the first slot. Reason being, is that the memory slot 0, is the first pitstop from the chipset, and then the next pitstop is memory slot 1. The 2gb memory card will have double the memory density as the 1Gb memory card, given that the same number of black memory cells on the memory card are the same.